BarreConcept classes NOW at YELO with Lucy Kennedy. These classes combine the grace and technique of ballet, the core control and precision of Pilates, as well as the alignment and strength elements of yoga. Monday 10.30, Tuesday 09.30, Thursday 12.30 & 18.00, Saturday 09.00.

65 High Street, Marlow SL7 1AB | 07866 502563


Kettlebells. TRX. Pilates.


Studio cycling - barre concept - yoga

The full range of cardio and body-sculpting and wellness options at YELO.

At YELO we have a specialist cycling studio to UPGRADE YOUR SPIN using the Wattbikes. We also have a lovely space for fitness and wellness with ballet barres for our BarreConcept classes. We also offer yoga and Pilates, and for fitness come along for TRX and kettlebells classes.

Our Wattbike workouts give a fitness buzz with a performance edge. As with anything; only if you measure it, can you improve it. At YELO we coach using your Wattbike power data. This gives absolute proof - and satisfaction - that you are getting better. Ride with us if you are training to lose weight and tone up for the summer. Ride with us if your chosen sport requires power and explosive efforts. Ride with us if you are a cyclist wanting to toughen up for your outdoor bike rides. Everyone rides at their own pace and makes Wattbike their ultimate fitness workout.

BarreConcept is a body-sculpting method which combines the grace and technique of ballet, the core control of Pilates, and the alignment and strength features of yoga. This is all done in time with music to motivate you through a strenuous session.

Our yoga classes are with Lucy Kennedy whose 'Tea and Yoga' brand is already well-loved in Marlow. Lucy offers Yoga Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yoga HIIT, and Yin Yoga. All levels are welcome.

The TRX motto is: all core, all of the time. We take you through the techniques to make this core strength happen for you. The variations possible with TRX allows all levels to develop this core area at their own comfort level.

Kettlebells is the dynamic weights class that develops strength and firmness all over. Your kettlebell swings will develop rock solid posterior muscles in your back, bum and legs, as well as burning through a load of calories to trim down your body-shape.



We are opposite Zizzi on Marlow High Street, in the same building as Pike Smith and Kemp. Walk through the front entrance door and up the stairs. You can book and pay online, so when you arrive you just check-in and ride. Note: we have changing rooms (but no showers).



Our aim at YELO is to provide the most creative training sessions, in a simple PAY AS YOU GO system. Pay for a single class, or buy a pass for 5 or 10 classes at reduced rates, and use them whenever you want. Class passes are valid for six months.



The Wattbike pedals take Shimano SPD mountain bike cleats, or they flip over and take LOOK Keo road cleats. Or a pedal with a footcage is clipped in and normal trainers can be used.

Soft ergonomic saddle, or firm road race saddle. It's your choice.

Classes for every fitness level

Core strength workout using TRX suspension training system.

A fast, thumping soundtrack to
all-action intervals on the Wattbikes

Total body-shape sculpting and strengthening with kettlebells swings

Make the most of your
lunchbreak with a Wattbike fix

Short sprints with long rests.
Tone muscles and burn calories.

Customised for your
cycling club or sports team

introducing Cyclocinema

This is full immersion studio cycling.

Experience the iconic Tour de France climbs of the Alps and the Pyrenees and many more stunning rides in HD wide-screen.

It feels like you are actually there.