NEW SUMMER CLASSES: Monday 18.00 TRX, Tuesday 18.00 Kettlebells, Wednesday 18.00 Women's Wattbike with Sarah, Wednesday 19.00 1980s Aerobics with Amie.

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lucy kennedy

Lucy is an experienced yoga teacher with a strong Marlow following for her classes and her 'Tea and Yoga' brand.

Lucy’s style of yoga allows the body to strengthen, muscles to be lengthened, fascia and soften connective tissues to be softened, in order to improve strength/flexibility/mobility and to calm the mind. Her unique classes fuse ancient styles of both Vinyasa flow and deep long hold Yin postures, allowing a powerful combination to create a deeper journey throughout the body, taking the physical body to work as hard as it needs to, whilst honouring indulgent deep stretches to help still the mind.

Lucy trained as a Vinyasa Flow Coach with the Yoga Alliance, gaining the recognised Frog Lotus Yoga qualification and has since grown further from later teachings, including 'Yin Yoga Teacher Training' and ‘Yoga for a Healthy Spine'.

Lucy also teaches BarreConcept at YELO - a vibrant cardio fusion of ballet moves, pilates and yoga.

Richard Weaver

Richard is a passionate all-round sports fan. He has been a Great Britain middle-distance track athlete at the world masters championships, a local club rugby player, and many moons ago was even an Oxford University golf blue.

"My cycling hobby began with the Marlow Rowers’ Revenge triathlon in 2003 when I discovered the hills up to Frieth and beyond. This is still my go-to summer ride."

He enjoys sportives and is a regular visitor to the Olympic velodome for training. Proudly a fair weather cyclist, he loves nothing better than smashing out a great Wattbike session in a full studio at YELO.

"The Wattbike is a game-changer. No other indoor training bike even comes close."

Richard is a qualified British Cycling Coach Level 1, and has been teaching indoor cycling classes in Marlow for six years. He strives to offer cyclists the most creative and inspiring training.

iona stephen

Iona is a professional golfer and former elite hockey player. She trains on the Wattbike as part of her golf strength and conditioning programme. The 'Women's Wattbike' class on Tuesdays at 18.00 is Iona's project to encourage more girls to enjoy the amazing benefits of the Wattbike.

"It's great to have a girls-only class at YELO so we can work together and train smart for our goals."

Whether its that perfect summer body-shape or a cycling or running event you are training for, Iona's sessions fast-track you where you want to go.

"Confidence is so important in sport and fitness. My YELO sessions focus on finding your sweet spot for effort, which makes you comfortable and positive about your improvement."

Iona sees fitness as a holistic identity relating to more than just her specialist sport of golf. Its a lifestyle and an attitude to enjoy cycling and running, and all aspects of weight-training and conditioning. When she is not hitting golf balls she enjoys photography, juggling and borrowing other people's dogs!

Meli Paramio

Meli has been working as a complementary health therapist for over 10 years, specialising in Facial Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Skin Care and Reiki Healing. Meli's treatments are deeply relaxing, using also a blend of aromatherapy oils to enhance the therapeutic benefit.

Meli first discovered yoga 15 years ago and has practised many different styles of yoga, finding her place specialising in Zen Yoga. This yoga originates from the physical movements practised by monks in some Zen monasteries to prepare for sitting meditation. Zen Yoga focuses on body alignment, free flow of energy and mindfulness of the body and the body sensations to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In Meli's classes the body is moved in a mindful way, exploring the different sensations and possibilities. It can be described as a mindful flow movement with plenty of occasions to be curious and notice the changes taking place in the body during the practise. After the class you are left in a state of bliss and you also feel that your body has been exercised.

We aspire to inspire you.