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We are a specialist cycling studio with the very best performance Wattbikes. Our bikes allows us to give you smart training with accurate data showing all your improvements. We offer structured sessions and programmes, which beginners and regulars enjoy alike. Our aim is to make it a fun and happy environment for your training. All levels are welcome, and everyone welcomes a new beginner. Our classes are great low impact cardio at either a medium-easy pace or your choice to push harder. The Wattbikes make a 45-minute ride more meaningful and effective for calorie burn and leg tone. We can lend you bike shoes for the full toning effect and the best ride feel. You can choose a soft saddle or a road saddle.

Our challenge is to make people newer to indoor cycling comfortable at the same time as attracting keen and experienced cyclists. We pledge to our newbies that they can ride their own pace and will feel as much a part of the session as the regulars who know the sessions well. So you don't have to be wearing full lycra to have a great ride with YELO, and there are always resting sections when people chat.

classes for every level

Studio Cycling

Our Wattbike classes are creative and varied with new challenges each time. The class names hint at either a general class or a more specific style: Wattbike Ride, CycloCinema, Wacky Races, Training Zones, Smiles to 10 Miles. Anyone can try any of these and ride to their own pace.

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The best of the best


Think of the Wattbike as the Rolls Royce of indoor training bikes. Wattbike tones your legs better than other bikes with its flywheel motion. You work every muscle front and back, just like on a real road bike.

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Ride the famous climbs


On our giant screen, the YELO CycloCinema brings to you real-life films of the Tour de France climbs and other stunning routes from around the world: Cape Town, Mallorca, Norwegian fjords, Tuscany... It's a studio workout and a 45-minute cycling holiday all rolled into one.

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bucket list adventures

YELO Cycling trips

We organise trips each year to take on exciting challenges in the most stunning scenery. We have done Land's End to John o' Groats (LEJOG) and the French Alps. 2020 trips will be to the North Coast 500 in Scotland, the Italian Alps and LEJOG again.

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Studio cycling classes

Our classes aim to provide you variety and new challenges each time

Our most general class. Fun for beginners, and a challenge for experienced Wattbikers. With the accurate performance data of the Wattbike we can help each rider find their own level.

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Our easiest class for newer people. Fun and music and the Wattbike tells us when we have ridden 10 miles. Or you might pass 10 miles easily and push on. This is a great class for an achievable and satisfying goal.

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Ladies-only class. Tone up your butt, thighs, hamstrings and calves. Leg workouts burn the most calories, so you will also be sculpting lean shoulders and arms.

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Intervals sessions as 'races' on the big screen. Each rider will learn their pace and set realistic targets. The option is there to be competitive against other people. A dastardly class but fun and hugely effective.

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Longer, steady timed intervals. Ride at your own pace. Build up stamina and burn 600+ calories in one session. 8pm sessions for the commuter people. 50 minute class time.

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Customised session for your cycling club or sports team? The Wattbike is used by elite athletes and professional teams across all sports. YELO can find you the performance edge.

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