YELO Cyclocinema

ride the famous climbs

Full immersion

The YELO CycloCinema brings to you the real-life climbs of the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and other famous races. Experience the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Dolomites and other stunning scenery on a giant cinema screen. All riders are going at their own pace on the Wattbike. Nobody gets left behind in a studio!

A studio workout and a cycling holiday all rolled into one.

Cyclocinema indoor studio cycling Passo Dello Stelvio

From the Cyclist's perspective

On the Wattbike you are watching and riding the climb from the cyclists’ perspective. You will see the road and scenery ahead, take bends and hairpins, pass other riders, see the scary drop-offs, and marvel at the views on a glorious summer day. These are real films, not computer animations.

Cyclocinema indoor studio cycling Mont Ventoux

Simulating climb profiles

The Wattbike session is structured to simulate the profile of the climb. You will change your gear and cadence (rpm) according to what is happening on the film. Tough climbing sections on big gears, flat stretches with surges of speed, and fast downhills spinning on light gears. We also take drinks breaks along the way.

Cyclocinema indoor studio cycling Hill Climb

Ride the duration of the film

CycloCinema sessions last as long as it takes the film to reach the summit of the climb. This is usually between 40 and 50 minutes. Some longer climbs can be extended for 90 minute sessions. At the end of each film you will have put in a satisfying effort, and you can measure this definitively with the Wattbike data on your display.

Cyclocinema indoor studio cycling Sa Calobra

We do requests

At YELO we do requests. We usually use the films by Tacx who have a library of the best climbs in Europe. If you are signed up for an étape, or a famous sportive, or a warm-weather training trip, we can schedule any film to prepare you physically and visually for what to expect.