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simply the best

  • Fun to ride
  • Pedal stroke feels like a road bike
  • Engages all the leg muscles
  • Develops balanced leg tone
  • Motivates you every pedal stroke
  • Tracks your improvement
  • definitive metrics

For lean and toned legs all year round


Why does the Wattbike tone your legs so well?

It's all about the flywheel. Unlike other indoor bikes the Wattbike flywheel gives you no momentum through the circle of the pedal stroke.

Your thighs work as you push down, but for the perfect pedal stroke you also engage your calves with a subtle flick at the bottom of the circle, and then you pull up with your hamstrings. You also work over the top of the pedal stroke with your hip flexors.

The Wattbike monitor shows you a visual of how well you are pedalling - the "peanut shape". So for each and every stroke you have motivation to keep the technique. You will soon develop an efficient and smooth motion.

In addition your glutes and lower back will engage, and with short sprint intervals the tension of you gripping the handlebars will strengthen your upper body too.

Wattbike monitor

Cushioned saddle, or firm road-racing saddle. It's your choice.

Easy set-up options

The bike is easy to set-up for your ideal riding position and level of comfort. Your YELO class instructor will help you with this if it's your first class. A towel is recommended, which some riders like to drape over the handlebars. Each bike has a holder for a water bottle.

There are two saddle options:

  • ergonomic saddles with extra cushion for riders who prefer more comfort.
  • padded but firm road-racing saddles.


The Wattbike pedals are designed to fit:

  • normal trainers or sports shoes
  • Shimano SPD mountain bike cleats
  • LOOK Keo road bike cleats


wattbike soft saddle

cushioned Saddle

Race saddle Wattbike

Road-racing Saddle