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Wattbikes @YELO

Designed with champions. Used by everyone.


simply the best

The Wattbike is the most advanced static bike available. It was designed for elite cyclists, but its features benefit users of all fitness levels.

It feels exactly like a road bike, in an enjoyable and effective way.

Pedalling a Wattbike works all the muscles in your legs. The flywheel construction requires every muscle to generate power at different points through the circular motion of each foot. Therefore it will shape and tone your legs like no other indoor bike.

Superior training for cycling performance, and the best workout for looking great in the summer.

  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • Hip flexors
  • Lower back

Set new standards for your strength, stamina and body-confidence.

Accurate & definitive data

The Wattbike is definitive. They are calibrated and accurate enough to be trusted by British Cycling teams and Olympic Champions in many sports. Your own fitness deserves the same attention to detail.

If you are new to the Wattbike your YELO instructor will help you understand the basics of what to look for on your display, and recommend a comfortable effort level to make it through your first class.

Each Wattbike shows your left leg versus right leg power ratio. It creates a cyclical shape on-screen of how your power is distributed through every single pedal-stroke. This will help you improve your cycling technique and efficiency.

You also see your power output in Watts in real-time every pedal stroke. This number is the ultimate feedback to motivate you while you train, and maybe fire your competitive spirit in class.

The Wattbike is inspiring because it provides these precise measurements that will show you are improving. Even if your goal is general fitness and improving your body-shape you can benefit from how the Wattbike has revolutionised indoor cycling. You can set new standards for your own strength, stamina, and body-confidence.

Wattbike monitor

Cushioned saddle, or firm road-racing saddle. It's your choice.

Easy set-up options

The bike is easy to set-up for your ideal riding position and level of comfort. Your YELO class instructor will help you with this if it's your first class. A towel is recommended, which some riders like to drape over the handlebars. Each bike has a holder for a water bottle.

There are two saddle options:

  • ergonomic saddles with extra cushion for riders who prefer more comfort.
  • padded but firm road-racing saddles.


The Wattbike pedals are designed to fit:

  • normal trainers or sports shoes
  • Shimano SPD mountain bike cleats
  • LOOK Keo road bike cleats


wattbike soft saddle

cushioned Saddle

Race saddle Wattbike

Road-racing Saddle